Peppermint Mouthwash

From what I gather, mouthwash is one of those modern-day products that actually does sweet f.a as far as the health of our mouth goes and we’d be much better off sticking to brushing and flossing.

But, as a self-confessed coffee addict, I cringe at the thought of breathing coffee breath over my colleagues at work, so I find a quick swish of this mouthwash leaves my breath minty and does not leave my work mates recoiling during a conversation.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know the main reason I DIY is to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, with the bonus of cutting out excess toxins from our life. Many commercial mouthwashes contain alcohol, which dries out your mucous and is not recommended by dentists.



2 Cups of lukewarm distilled water

40g Xylitol

2 Teaspoons of baking soda

10 Drops of peppermint oil (food grade) – I like Oil Garden which is made in Byron


  1. Add all ingredients to a bottle and shake well
  2. I like to make half this recipe and I divide it between 3 smaller bottles, I keep one in my hand bag, one in the bathroom and the spare in the fridge.
  3. I have seen recipes that say to keep in the fridge to make it last longer – that’s why I like to use small bottle.


I researched a lot of recipes before deciding on this one. I like the simplicity of it, I know I can get most of the ingredients plastic free and it’s really easy! In saying that I looked at so many recipes I cannot remember where I got this one, so I apologise to the person who painstaking tried and tested this recipe to get the perfect mix and now I’m sharing it with giving you any credit!


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