I was trying to think when all this started and it must have been a seed that was planted long, long ago because I cannot pinpoint an exact moment. For as long as I can remember, I’ve known the environment holds intrinsic value to life on earth. I was deeply disturbed as a teen after watching Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. This only got worse after further study in environmental science. I emerged from a bachelor’s degree in 2016, 35 weeks pregnant and feeling depressed about the state of the world I would be bringing a child into. Psychological support is non-existent for those undertaking environmental studies. It should be, as there is a lot of doom and gloom, apocalypse, walking dead content. Well except the zombies, but that’s what the next species of homo will need to be to survive what is left behind after we’re done if we continue of this path.

I grew tired of the negativity and feeling depressed. So I made a decision. To try to be proactive about what changes I can make and strategies I can implement to improve the world around me. Not sitting in misery worrying about the impending 6th mass extinction. Plus, having children my brain didn’t have the ability to climb back into the dark abyss of environmental depression. There was too much to do.

In 2017 I pledged to buy no new items for myself as a ‘eff you to consumerism. This excluded household, sanitary and baby items, although I did, where possible, obtain these secondhand. I didn’t succeed. I bought a dumbbell and a hat. I was proud of my effort but felt I could turn it up a notch. In 2018 I began an environmental audit on my life. This covers areas of waste, power, water, transport, purchases and food. As our little household of four currently live, there are many ways for us to improve.

“Whatever you do in life it will be insignificant, but it is very important you do it”


So out of that, this blog was born. I hope to share it like a diary of my progress, hiccups and triumphs. I’ll take you shopping and invite you into our home, I’ll try not to get too excited when I get a delivery in a reused cardboard box (like I did today) or sad when I see someone putting bananas into a plastic produce bag (seriously… just don’t, they wont roll away or get dirty). I have barely read any blogs, let alone written one, so I hope you find this one engaging enough to read and inspiring enough to act. Please comment with any ideas or hacks that might help or be better than what I’m already doing. Happy reading and hope you join me for the ride.

Thanks for taking the time to read my posts,

Minimal Sam

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