Soil – Matthew Evans

This topic may sound dull to many of you - and believe me, there were many nights listening to the audio book lulled me to sleep - however, for anyone who is interested in growing food or an ornamental garden, raising livestock or wanting a more vast array of solutions to the climate crisis, then… Continue reading Soil – Matthew Evans


The Race to Net Zero

"National Regenerative Agriculture Day is a united national movement to heal the heart of the food chain." This year the focus of NRAD was to take a deep dive into “What the bleep is NET-ZERO?" It is widely accepted now that regenerative agriculture methods are a means to heal the land and waterways damaged by intensive agriculture… Continue reading The Race to Net Zero

Ends of the World – Peter Brannen

This book came to me when I needed it most. At the beginning of the year, towards the harrowing end of Australia’s Black Summer (you know, in that time before Covid), I was feeling at a complete loss. I was grieving for a world we are on the brink of losing, overwhelmed with climate anxiety.… Continue reading Ends of the World – Peter Brannen

Hey ScoMo, isn’t it about time you came to the table?

This time I'm sending two letter to the Australian Prime Minister, I'm not sure either will be read or responded to but I know the first will be discarded promptly (politicians don't take too kindly to impoliteness), the second one may have a chance. You can write to Scott Morrison here. Hey ScoMo, It’s me… Continue reading Hey ScoMo, isn’t it about time you came to the table?

Dear Member of Parliament (again)

Climate change is such a colossal issue it needs to be addressed from every angle, including by our governments. Your member of parliament is your voice in the federal government. You find out who that person is here by typing in your postcode. In Australia we are lucky enough to live in a democracy. Our… Continue reading Dear Member of Parliament (again)