Mobile Phone Audit

I have a love/hate relationship with mobile phones. On the one hand, I couldn't live without my phone. Firstly, I don't have a landline (does anyone under the age of 70?) and being extroverted, I don't survive well without human contact (as was noted during lockdown 2020). Secondly, have you tried using a Melways to... Continue Reading →

Vegetarian, Vegan or Flexitarian? A Food Audit

I've been a flexitarian for about a decade now and I say that because I've attempted full blown vegetarian more times than I can count, I've tried a semi-vegan, a semi-paleo and the 5:2 diets all in an attempt to reduce my environmental impact. But I haven't managed to stick to one for more than... Continue Reading →

How The Ends of the World led me to an epiphany (a book review).

This book came to me when I needed it most. At the beginning of the year, towards the harrowing end of Australia's Black Summer (you know, in that time before Covid), I was feeling at a complete loss. I was grieving for a world we are on the brink of losing, overwhelmed with climate anxiety.... Continue Reading →

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