The lowdown on composting

A few weeks ago I audited my compost, but I neglected to say why composting is so important. The food just compost's in landfill right? Unfortunately this is not quite true. What really happens is the food scraps are left to suffocate. They get trapped inside plastic bags, hidden under junk and then squished, taking... Continue Reading →

Soft plastic audit

This week on the audit chopping block is soft plastics. Watch the video here.   This is about one weeks worth, which bundles up nicely into one supermarket shopping bag. I separated them into different piles: Fresh produce grapes spinach Groceries wraps x 2 pizza bases crackers x 4 (wow... that's a whole other issue)... Continue Reading →

Greenwashing – buyer beware!

Greenwashing - kind of like whitewashing, or if you ask me, brainwashing - makes us believe a product is "green" by using misleading claims and advertising. These companies and products allege to be environmentally friendly, eco, green or natural, when in fact they have somehow found a loop-hole or are just pulling the wool over... Continue Reading →

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