Here you will find links to the recipes I have mentioned in previous posts. The idea of making things from scratch is to reduce the amount of packaging, minimise the number of products I use and to cut out toxins. Not only toxins I use in the home, but also those associated with the manufacture and production of common household beauty and cleaning products.

Most of the recipes include ingredients from bulk stores or come in compostable or reusable packaging such as cardboard or glass, minimising single use plastic.

Many of the recipes I have gathered from books and the internet, some I have tweaked, but where possible, I have included the original source. In the end it’s all just information sharing amongst like minded people.

Sometimes the idea of making or cooking from scratch seems like a chore, but one of the surprising benefits is the satisfaction of self-sufficiency it brings. The feeling of gaining nana skills brings a sense of achievement I wasn’t expecting.


Dishwashing Powder


Peppermint Mouthwash

Pit Paste (Deodorant)

Rose Toner

Wee Wipes

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