Dear Member of Parliament (again)

Climate change is such a colossal issue it needs to be addressed from every angle, including by our governments. Your member of parliament is your voice in the Federal Government. You can find out who that person is here by typing in your postcode. In Australia, we are lucky enough to live in a democracy.... Continue Reading →

My Most Important Post Yet

This may be my most important post yet. I don’t mean to alarm you, but in wake of the Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change (IPCC) report, this is a CODE RED for humanity. Well, actually maybe I do want to alarm you. But I also want to arm you, arm you with the tools to be... Continue Reading →

Chasing Microfibres and My Guppyfriend

A while ago I wrote a post called I failed and feel guilty too. This post was about trying to do the best for the environment but often stumbling because I am faced with a wicked problem. At the time I was concerned that my current wardrobe had a large proportion of synthetic clothing and... Continue Reading →

Gas Audit and Popping My Protest Cherry

The Morrison government's 'Gas-fired Recovery' is a complete shitshow. Here we are on the brink of species and environmental collapse and we're talking about injecting time, money and effort into fossil fuels. On the Prime Minister's website, Scott Morrison states, “we’ll work with industry to deliver a gas hub for Australia that will ensure households... Continue Reading →

Reading Audit – Books, Glorious Books

For me, life isn't quite whole unless I have a book on the go. Starting way back with Dear Zoo, progressing on to Goosebumps and anything by Paul Jennings or John Marsden. These days it's preferably something fiction with an unanticipated plot twist although, it wouldn't be unusual to see anything from self help to... Continue Reading →

Putting a Stop to Australia’s Extinction Crisis

I've been screening unsolicited calls from an unknown charity for a while now. I got caught on the hop a few weeks back when the call came through from an unknown mobile. When I answered, it was a charity I currently donate to and swiftly told them I was too busy to talk and fobbed... Continue Reading →

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