Plastic Free July and My Bathroom Audit

Plastic Free July 2.0 The first year I started this blog back in 2018 I took on the Plastic Free July (PFJ) challenge and from memory did pretty good. Nothing to the calibre of the zero waste champions who can fit an entire year's worth of rubbish in a puny glass jar, but a good... Continue Reading →

Chasing Microfibres and My Guppyfriend

A while ago I wrote a post called I failed and feel guilty too. This post was about trying to do the best for the environment but often stumbling because I am faced with a wicked problem. At the time I was concerned that my current wardrobe had a large proportion of synthetic clothing and... Continue Reading →

Gas Audit and Popping My Protest Cherry

The Morrison government's 'Gas-fired Recovery' is a complete shitshow. Here we are on the brink of species and environmental collapse and we're talking about injecting time, money and effort into fossil fuels. On the Prime Minister's website, Scott Morrison states, “we’ll work with industry to deliver a gas hub for Australia that will ensure households... Continue Reading →

Water Audit – Target 155

It's easy to be lulled into a false sense of security, thinking we have an endless supply of freshwater. I mean, we turn on the tap and out it comes! It even falls from the sky! Surely it's renewable and there's plenty to go around right? The earth's surface is around 70% water however, only... Continue Reading →

Hair There, Everywhere!

Of all the things to audit, the footprint from hair removal seems somewhat insignificant compared to say, the footprint caused by flying or electricity use. But there's a hairy elephant in the room (known as mammoths) and I want to talk about it. If there was ever a year to let it all grow out,... Continue Reading →

Mobile Phone Audit

I have a love/hate relationship with mobile phones. On the one hand, I couldn't live without my phone. Firstly, I don't have a landline (does anyone under the age of 70?) and being extroverted, I don't survive well without human contact (as was noted during lockdown 2020). Secondly, have you tried using a Melways to... Continue Reading →

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