Renewable Energy: A Very Short Introduction – Nick Jelly (2020)

I listened to this as an audio book on Borrow Box and found it to be a great refresher on renewable energy concepts I learned in university. I also picked up on a few new interesting ideas and theories. Jelly covers the main renewables including: wind, solar, hydropower, biomass, tidal, geothermal and wave.

Jelly analyses the challenges of renewables on an individual level and on mass scale of integrating renewables into the grid and the need for energy storage.

It’s an easy listen and I’d recommend to those looking to understand a little more about renewable energy. If you already have a fairly good grasp of renewable energy, it’s promises and it’s pitfalls, then you might find it a tad uninteresting or repetitive to what you already know.

I enjoyed it partly because we are building a house and it goes over all the domestic possibilities of renewables: solar, wind and hydro.


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