How We Can Reforest the World

Since the rise of agriculture, half of the world’s forests have been disappeared. But this doesn’t have to be the narrative of the future.

Imagine a world in which the sound of traffic is drowned out by the sound of birdsong and the rustling of leaves. A world in which the air is a clean and crisp, always. Imagine a world in which trees are respected as sentient beings and not just a commodity to be consumed by us.

By asking a series of ‘what ifs’, this essay reimagines the future as one that reveres trees for the majestic beings they deserve to be. Whereby trees and humans are inextricably linked, from our ancestors to our grandchildren. Broken down into five simple actions we can take, including the lost art of silvopasture, we can create a future in which our forests are recognised, regenerated and above all loved.   

This article was written by me and published on the National Regenerative Agriculture Day website – I encourage you to look around the site for more amazing stories of regenerative agriculture.


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