Wee Wipes

Apparently in times of a global pandemic the one thing we all need is toilet paper. In reality the times when you actually do need 40 rolls of toilet paper for a two week quarantine stint is when you either have Bali Belly or, like myself, you have an eight month old fetus resting on you bladder 24/7.

Unsure about whether we would receive our next delivery of Who Gives a Crap, I made the call to start using homemade wee wipes to start saving this precious commodity. It turned out to be perfect timing as I was prepping all of our cloth nappies and wipes for baby number two.


Wee wipes are very straight forward, all you have to do is:

Step one: find an old piece of clothing (we’re using old hoodies and p.j’s) and cut it into rectangles. I used pinking shears to minimise fraying.

Step two: keep on hand near the toilet and use for wiping wees.

Step three: keep a bucket beside the toilet to house the dirty wipes. Place a few drops of essential oil in the bucket to minimise odour. I empty mine every other day.

Step four: wash thoroughly. I pop them into a bucket with soap (sometimes castile, sometimes dish washing liquid depending what’s on hand) and boiling water. Let them sit and then stir a few times, ring out and then pop them into a laundry bag and wash on a normal cycle with other laundry.

Handy tips: remember at all times not to put in the toilet bowl (it’s not pretty when you have to fish them out). Also, I recommend only using for number ones (self explanatory).

You could also use these on baby, just spray with water first and wipe away.







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