Mint Tooth Powder

Last year I started making my own toothpaste to minimise plastic waste and to move to more simplified, low-tox products. You can read my earlier post here.

I was using coconut oil as the base of my paste, but this time I omitted it to create a tooth powder instead. I much prefer the sensation of using a powder over the paste as the oil goes very hard when it’s cold.

This recipe is so simple and the ingredients can be purchased (almost) plastic free!



2 tablespoons bi-carb soda

2 tablespoons xylitol

10 drops food grade peppermint oil


Place all ingredients into a jar.

Shake well to combine.

To Use

Either dip toothbrush into jar to apply a coating of powder over the brush or, if you’re concerned about germs or there is more than one person using the powder, use a teaspoon to sprinkle over the brush (preferable option).

You can make this a whitening toothpaste by adding two teaspoons of activated charcoal.


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